Energy Transition in the Building Sector


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Scaffolded building symbolizes enhancing energy efficiency in buildings; Source:


Enhancing energy efficiency in buildings

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Employee in a company symbolizes economy policy

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Boost the economy, safeguard the future

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Icon of an electric vehicle

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Electric mobility in Germany

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Distribution system symbolizes the eletrcity market of the future

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Electricity Market A modern electricity market

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Quadrocopter zum Thema Reallabore


Solar installation for the renewable energy page; Source:


Renewable Energy

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Consultation on energy efficiency

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‘Germany makes it efficient’

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Latest News

  • The energy reforms: the key projects; Source: BMWi

    01/12/2016 - Infographics - The Energy Transition

    Infographics: The energy reforms: the key projects

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  • Cover: Digital Agenda 2014 - 2017

    20/08/2014 - Publication -

    Publication: Digital Agenda 2014 - 2017

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  • Cover National Reform Programme 2013

    31/03/2013 - Publication -

    Publication: National Reform Programme 2013

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  • Major European project supporting hydrogen technologies about to launch

    14/01/2021 - Press release - The Energy Transition

    Major European project supporting hydrogen technologies about to launch

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  • Economic Affairs Minister Peter Altmaier

    21/01/2021 - Joint press release - Innovation Policy

    Germany and the Netherlands sign Innovation Pact

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  • © malp -

    22/09/2021 - Press release - European and International Energy Policy

    State Secretary Feicht discusses energy-policy aspects of the 'Fit for 55' package of measures with European energy ministers

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  • Unterzeichnung einer Absichtserklärung zur Gründung einer deutsch-australischen Wasserstoffallianz

    13/06/2021 - Joint press release - The Energy Transition

    Declaration of Intent signed to establish German-Australian hydrogen alliance

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  • Innovation für die Digitalisierung der Energiewende: Im KPM-Quartier entsteht das „Future Energy Lab“

    08/06/2021 - Joint press release - The Energy Transition

    Delivering innovation to drive the digitalisation of the energy transition: ‘Future Energy Lab’ to be set up in KPM Quartier, the historical site of the Royal Porcelain Factory

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  • Klimaschutz-Unternehmen suchen neue Vorreiter - Bewerbungen bis 31. Juli 2021 möglich

    30/06/2021 - Press release - The Energy Transition

    State Secretary Feicht: IEA report sets out ambitious roadmap for global greenhouse gas neutrality by 2050

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  • OECD-Ministerrat

    30/06/2021 - Press release - The Economy

    Minister Altmaier attends the OECD Ministerial Council and congratulates incoming OECD Secretary-General Mathias Cormann on his appointment

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