Regional Policy

Construction of a building symbolises regional policy

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Boosting the regional economy

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  • Bad Schandau

    Article - The New Länder

    Article: Creating equivalent living conditions in eastern and western Germany

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  • Worker

    Article - Securing of Skilled Labour

    Article: Skilled professionals for Germany

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  • construction site

    Article - Structural Funds

    Article: EU Cohesion and Structural Policy

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  • Aerial view of a town, source:

    02/07/2020 - Press release - Regional Policy

    Scientific evaluation shows: regional support for business generates jobs and boosts regional income

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  • Hard coal winding gear

    30/06/2020 - Press release - Regional Policy

    Wording advice for Act on the Phase-out of Coal-fired Power Plants adopted

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  • Grazweiler open-cast lignite mine

    24/06/2020 - Joint press release - Regional Policy

    Cabinet gives green light for agreement with operators of lignite-fired power plants

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  • Excavators in a quarry

    24/06/2020 - Press release - Regional Policy

    Minister Altmaier: “We’re giving coal regions and local communities a clear prospect for the future and safeguarding jobs”

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  • EU flag symbolizes European Economic Policy; Source:

    Article - European Economic Policy

    Article: European Economic Policy

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  • Woman decorating shop window of a fashion boutique, symbolizing retail dialogue platform

    Article - Retail trade

    Article: Retail Dialogue Platform

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  • Construction of track rails symbolizes Investment Strategy

    Article - Investment Strategy

    Article: Boosting investment

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