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Practical example and current challenges

  • Over 1,000 minutes per year are spent on average per person looking for a free parking space. In addition to high time consumption, this also leads to unnecessary energy and fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • At the same time, so-called off-street parking spaces (parking spaces in residential buildings), which are located in the immediate vicinity of the person seeking a parking space, are often free and unused. These parking spaces cannot be found digitally. There is currently no market because the transaction costs for the provision of parking spaces are too high or the parking spaces are largely used by individuals on long-term leases only. The solution is a platform, as known from the "Sharing Economy", for example in car sharing or the use of rented apartments, which brings together the supply of parking spaces and those looking for them.
  • The challenge here is to quickly reach a critical size for sufficient market coverage. A platform that is open and interoperable is suitable for this. It does not require a central intermediary. This minimises the market participants' fear of a lock-in and enables them to join the platform more quickly. In this sense, this platform can also be expanded to include other services such as shop, car sharing and other offers.
  • The technical processes between the systems involved are to be mapped via a blockchain, while the experience for the user is to be as simple and seamless as possible, without filling out contracts or using special access media.
  • The idea for this platform was developed in 2018 and the prototype was created in 2019. By the end of 2020, a real-world laboratory with two parks and 200-300 users should be imple-mented.
Digital Parking Management – Seamless Parking

What added value does the "GAIA-X project" offer?

  • With its open and modular approach, GAIA-X is able to provide data linkage of the domains "Smart Living" and "Mobility" as well as the scalability of the platform – also in combination with other sharing platforms.
  • GAIA-X supports decentralized authentication and authorization of all participants using the in-frastructure, so that a fair, transparent and efficient functioning of the market can be guar-anteed.
    It also provides the technical basis for technological interoperability for accessing and using the data stored on the blockchain.

Use Case Team

  • DiamantisVerveris – Robert Bosch
  • Michael Reuter – Datarella
  • Monika Sturm – Siemens