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The Gaia-X Ecosystem - A Sovereign Data Infrastructure for Europe


With Gaia-X, representatives from businesses, science and politics are developing the next generation of a European data infrastructure on an international level that meets the highest standards of digital sovereignty and promotes innovation. In an open and transparent digital ecosystem, data and services should be made available, brought together, shared, and used with confidence.

The goal is a secure and federated data infrastructure that stands for European values, digital sovereignty of the data owners, interoperability of different platform and open source. Within this ecosystem, it will be possible to provide, share, and use data within a trustworthy environment. Thus, spurring innovation and creating added value for the data economy to all who share data.

Gaia-X started as an initiative by the former German Minister of Economic Affairs Peter Altmaier and his French counterpart Bruno Le Maire in 2019. In addition to this project on secure data sharing, the Franco-German collaboration also involved cooperation in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and a joint approach to a European data infrastructure that will preserve and expand Europe’s digital sovereignty.

In early 2022, the initial implementation of Gaia-X started with the launch of the first data spaces and related services (e.g. Mobility Data Space). In particular, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action made this possible with its funding competition "Innovative and Practical Applications and Data Spaces in the Gaia-X Digital Ecosystem". The eleven projects selected are tasked with showing how Gaia-X can be implemented and to develop innovations with high market potential.

The organizational structure of Gaia-X is built on three pillars:

The German Gaia-X Hub is the first point of contact for all companies, organizations and interested parties in Germany who want to learn more about the project or participate in the open-source community.

Learn more and contact us:

Gaia-X Funding Competition Innovative and Practical Applications and Data Spaces in the Gaia-X Digital Ecosystem


Gaia-X Funding Competition

Gaia-X Funding Competition

The funding competition "Innovative and practical applications and data spaces in the Gaia-X digital ecosystem" from the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection focuses on the implementation and use cases for Gaia-X in various domains.

Within the framework of Gaia-X, representatives from business, science and the public sector are developing a proposal for shaping the next generation of a federated European data infrastructure with the support of policymakers and the involvement of other European partners.

Applications were submitted in a two-stage process. In the first stage of the funding competition, 130 consortia from industry, science and the public sector submitted project proposals in all existing domains of the Gaia-X Hub Germany as well as across domains. A total of 16 winning consortia with supra-regional European appeal for the development of an ecosystem based on Gaia-X emerged from the competition in the first stage of the process.

Eleven of these consortia were approved as early as 2021 and started their work in early 2022:

AW4.0: Car Repair 4.0

COOPERANTS: Collaborative Processes and Services for Aeronautics and Space

EuroDaT: The Gaia-X based Data Trustee

HEALTH-X dataLOFT: Legitimate, Open and Federated Health Data Space in Gaia-X

iECO: intelligent Empowerment of Construction Industry

Marispace-X: Smart Maritime Sensor Data Space X

MERLOT: Marketplace for Lifelong Educational Dataspaces and Smart Service Provisioning

OpenGPT-X: Aufbau eines Gaia-X Knotens für große KI-Sprachmodelle und innovative Sprachapplikations-Services

POSSIBLE: Phoenix Open Software Stack for interoperable Engagement in Dataspaces

TEAM-X: Trusted Ecosystem of Applied Medical Data Exchange

TELLUS: Cross-domain federation and network infrastructure for critical applications

For more information on the projects visit website of the Gaia-X Hub Germany.


You would like to participate in the Gaia-X project?

The first point of contact is the Gaia-X Hub Germany:

On Twitter and Linkedin you will also find current information about the activities of the German Gaia-X Hub.

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