Icon IIoT Platform with out of the box MES Applications

Practical example and current challenges

  • The possibilities opened up by digitalisation are revolutionising the manufacturing sector: new supply and services chains are emerging, new business models are making former ones obsolete. In the era of the Industrial Internet of Things, companies are faced with the challenge of maintaining their viability, as only those businesses that use the right type of cutting-edge technology will shape the digital business models of the future.
  • As a result, the manufacturing industry needs to improve its productivity if it wants to remain globally competitive. One option here is to implement standardised digital solutions, from manufacturing all the way to internal auditing.
  • FORCAM is providing tools that help to quickly and reliably connect all machines available on the market and extract all the relevant data from these. This data is then transferred to a structured – and customisable – pool of data (data lake) where it can be analysed.
  • The solution uses data-based process analysis to identify potential for optimisation across the entire manufacturing chain and therefore makes it easier to develop resource-optimised manufacturing schedules.
IIoT Platform with out of the box MES Applications

What added value does the "GAIA-X project" offer?

  • Many manufacturing companies are SMEs and offer highly specialised and innovative products. Data security and maintaining control of one’s data are therefore key. The GAIA-X nodes give these companies access to an environment they can trust and allow them to harness previously untapped potential. SMEs in particular are currently not fully using their potential for data enhancement – and a data pool therefore offers considerable added benefit.
  • GAIA-X makes it possible to combine edge and cloud computing, allowing companies to use the benefits of both centralised and distributed data architectures.
  • The establishment of domain-specific data pools envisaged as part of the GAIA-X project is a key milestone for identifying new and forward-looking business models.

Use Case Team

  • Dr. Andrea Rösinger – FORCAM