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The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action finances high-level government consultancy for Armenia, Georgia, Kosovo, Moldova, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. In addition, it engages in an economic policy dialogue with reform-oriented representatives of Belarus [1]. The main objective is to provide continuous support and guidance on economic reform processes towards an ecological social market economy.

Berlin Economics is the firm commissioned to provide these consultancy services. The German Economic Team (GET) draws up specific recommendations for action for high-level decision-makers in the relevant countries. The focus of the consultancy is on macro-economic analysis and many other issues including fiscal, monetary, and exchange-rate policy, debt management, trade and integration policy, prospects for developing the private sector and especially small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), and on ways to attract foreign direct investment and improve the investment climate. Advice on regulation and privatisation work is also included.

For the energy sector, proposals are made on how to improve energy efficiency, and there are discussions on renewables, electricity generation, and structural change in the coal-mining sector in order to address climate action and the transformation of industry.

On financial market development, there are consultations for the banking sector, on the establishment of local capital markets, financial regulation and supervision of financial markets.

Specific recommendations for action made to high-level decision-makers

The team of advisers works in response to demand and in close cooperation with leading national research institutions and international organisations including the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. Together, they provide unbiased analyses of current economic policy issues. The results of these analyses are compiled into consultancy papers, technical analyses and newsletters and/or presented at conferences and in presentations. The resulting specific recommendations for action are then presented to high-level decision-makers. Among the target groups in the partner countries are the cabinets, presidents’ offices, ministries, central banks, parliaments, promotional agencies, and regulatory authorities.

Targeted support for trade and investment projects

The mandate for the project also extends to other aspects beyond government consultancy. As part of Germany’s efforts to promote foreign trade and investment, the team lends targeted expert support to German businesses trading and investing in the partner countries, closely coordinating its activities with the embassies, the bilateral chambers of commerce, and the local German business community. A greater focus on PR work is ensured by active participation in events and through publications in business magazines, and of well-researched economic reports and regular economic forecasts. This information is particularly valuable to German SMEs, but is also in great demand by other German institutions. German institutions such as the Federal Government, the Bundestag, business associations, political foundations, and commerce-related associations also draw on the expertise of the GET. To this end, information events take place at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action every six months.

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[1] Consultancy services are currently not being provided to government representatives in Belarus.