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Güterbahnhof zum Thema Rüstungsexportkontrolle


Rotor blades; Source: DLR, CC-BY 3.0

© DLR, CC-BY 3.0

Aerospace Policy

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Port, symbolic of the maritime industry; Source: Wentzel

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The Maritime Industry

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Latest News

  • Cover "Annual Report 2010/2011. The Kompetenznetze Deutschland Initiative - Network Profiles"

    18/05/2010 - Publication -

    Publication: Annual Report 2010/2011

    The Kompetenznetze Deutschland Initiative - Network Profiles

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  • Rotorschaufeln zum Thema Luftfahrt; Quelle: DLR, CC-BY 3.0

    10/09/2021 - Joint press release - Aerospace Policy

    Federal Government Coordinator of German Aerospace Policy Thomas Jarzombek wishes Matthias Maurer, Germany’s next ESA astronaut, a successful mission

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  • 25/12/2021 - Press release - Aerospace Policy

    World’s largest space telescope of all time enters space –Minister Habeck: “A historic day in international space exploration”

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  • 21/04/2021 - Press release - Aerospace Policy

    Federal Minister Altmaier and Federal Government Coordinator of German Aerospace Policy Jarzombek thank Professor Wörner for his work for European space flight

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  • PM Microlauncher

    30/04/2021 - Press release - Aerospace Policy

    Isar Aerospace Technologies GmbH winner of the main round of the German microlauncher competition

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  • "Grünstrom an - Dieselmotor aus! Inbetriebnahme der größten Landstromanlage Europas sorgt für saubere Luft in Häfen"

    10/05/2021 - Press release - Maritime Industry

    Minister Altmaier: “Green power on – diesel engines off! Europe’s largest shore-side electricity infrastructure starts operating and clearing up the air in ports”

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  • Raw material extraction tower

    03/07/2020 - Press release - Aerospace Policy

    Minister Altmaier welcomes decision to establish four new DLR facilities in lignite-mining areas

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  • Picture from the ISS symbolizing the key technology of space travel; Source: ESA/NASA

    20/11/2020 - Press release - Aerospace Policy

    Space Council creates momentum for the future of European space


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  • ISS

    07/12/2020 - Press release - Aerospace Policy

    European Space Week 2020 takes a look at future of European space

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  • Cover energy solutions made in Germany

    27/11/2019 - Publication -

    Publication: energy solutions – made in Germany

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