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Practical example and current challenges

  • Digital assistants are text- or language-based contact persons. In the future, they will provide citizens with easy access to administrative services around the clock, seven days a week. In addition to answering standard questions, their task is to enable applications to be processed and thus also to relieve the staff of the offices and other administrative institutions. Applications can thus be processed (partially) automatically. This, in turn, creates the possibility to focus the employees' working time on demanding cases.
  • The development of digital assistants requires high-quality speech and text recognition services, which are currently offered on a cloud basis primarily by US-American hyperscalers.
  • The public administration is subject to strict data protection and confidentiality requirements when using cloud services. For example, citizens' data may not be stored or processed outside the state or federal infrastructure. Access to the data is subject to the sovereign authority of the public administration and must be denied to service providers.
Digital public administration – Chatbot

What added value does the "GAIA-X project" offer?

  • The project can support the implementation of digital assistants by creating the necessary basis for a legally compliant cloud environment for the development and use of digital assistants in administration, in which functional AI building blocks (i.e. software as a service) can be linked modularly with the official infrastructure for data storage and processing.

Use Case Team

  • Tina Siegfried – Dataport
  • Dr. Derek Meier – Dataport